Building and surface refurbishment

We use state-of-the-art equipment, as well as certified and biodegradable products adapted to all situations and projects.

Pressure Washing

High-pressure water jet cleaning is the most commonly used technique for building envelope refurbishment work. Groupe MGC has a fleet of factory trucks with various water-pressure washers. Whether for work at height or work requiring several jets, we will be able to adapt.

We have:

  • High pressure washing (up to 6000 psi hot and cold water)
  • High-temperature burner for heating the water
  • Several lines of biodegradable products
  • Floor surfacers
  • Apparatus for pumping washing water and filtration
  • Seven trucks that hold 3,000 litres of water
  • Cleaning of works of art (bridge, road, viaduct)
  • Underground parking lot washing
  • Spring cleaning service

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Water Blast & hydrorubbing

Surfaces are sometimes too fragile to allow the use of high-pressure water devices, in these cases, the recommended technique is cleaning by hydrosanding and/or hydrorubbing. A thin film of water encompasses a dust projection in order to restore the surfaces to be treated.
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Facade Refurbishing

Technique used for surfaces on which years of water and pollution have left their mark. A mist of water is aimed at the wall for a few hours to loosen the dirt. It is then washed manually and/or with a nylon brush to remove the dirt.
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