Improvement of buildings and surfaces

We use state-of-the-art devices, as well as accredited and biodegradable products suitable for all situations and projects.

Lead paint

Flaking lead paint can be a real health hazard to people who come into contact with it. To prevent health problems, it is important to have it removed quickly using a variety of safe and approved techniques.

  • Mechanical stripping (with dust filtration and containment)
  • Wet stripping (with residue filtration)
  • Sandblasting (with dust filtration and containment)

It is important to ensure that work areas are protected and contained safely at all times, as well as to ensure that all paint residues and contaminants are disposed of at the right sites (depending on the lead content).
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Oil spill

Whether it is a hydraulic oil spill from a rolling rig or an underground oil tank to be removed and treated, our teams are trained to deal with any situation. Our fleet of cleaning equipment is equipped with a vacuum truck that will clean, vacuum, and dispose of all residues properly.
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Other contaminants

Our multitude of cleaning and stripping techniques allow us to treat and remove several types of contaminants, such as:

    • Acoustic coating; moss, wool, etc.
    • Glue, coating, and epoxy
    • Tar, bitumen
    • Sprayed urethane
    • Waterproofing membrane

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