Protective Coating



Improvement of buildings and surfaces

When cleaned, it is important to protect the surfaces to ensure their long-term preservation and sustainability. Whether it is a waterproof coating or an anti-graffiti sealant, each coating has its usefulness and value depending on the surfaces and location.

Waterproof protector

Applying a waterproof sealant to masonry and concrete surfaces protects them for many years to come. At MGC Nettoyage Group, our technicians are trained to apply these protective coatings in all situations.
The main advantages:

  • Lets the water bead on the surface
  • Protects surfaces from oils and greases
  • Protects against dirt and pollution
  • Product guaranteed for up to 10 years

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Anti-graffiti sealant

We consistently apply anti-graffiti protectors on public buildings as they are often vandalized. However, we recommend these sealants to all our customers as it makes cleaning easy and will not leave phantom lines on the surfaces once the graffiti is removed.

ECO-GRAFFITI Sealer Range Applicator – 10-Year Guarantee

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Corrosion inhibitor

Anti-corrosion sealants are especially useful and applied to protect reinforced concrete structures. They reduce the degradation of steel elements that often occurs in a highly corrosive environment. Corrosion inhibitors have been applied by the MGC Group for several years to preserve the integrity of the structures for very long periods of time. The products used will, by no means, affect the strength and properties of hardened concrete elements.
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