Equipment reconditioning



Maintenance and repair

Through the use of specialized cleaning techniques, we can safely clean, restore and enhance virtually all types of equipment.


Water tower cleaning

Need to service or clean your cooling (water) tower? Then our mobile high-pressure washing system is exactly what you need. Once a year, or more frequently if required, our technicians will completely remove any residues, including limestone and mineral deposits, from the tower walls. Our use of specialized biodegradable detergents will also neutralize and reduce health risks.

    • High-pressure washing
    • TGWT-brand specialty cleaning products

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Machinery and conveyors

Regular maintenance of assembly lines, conveyors and machinery is essential to keep your business or factory up and running. Our various service techniques allow us to remove all contaminants without any peripheral damage to other equipment. Whether it be a painting bay or a full conveyor line, our expert teams are available to you at all times.

  • Cryogenic cleaning
  • Manual wash with HEPA suction
  • Water pressure cleaning
  • Micro abrasion

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Surface preparation

We offer an effective cleaning service and surface preparation for both steel and concrete. The procedure can be performed in an off-site workshop (with a painting service), or directly on-site at your location The degree of surface preparation can vary, as it depends on the type of final coating to be applied. Proper preparation is essential to providing strength and durability to equipment and surfaces.

    • Off-site workshop service
    • Abrasive blast and dust collection
    • 7,000 psi hot pressure wash
    • Soda cleaning |Dry ice cleaning

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