Preventive maintenance



Maintenance today, reliability tomorrow

We strongly believe in sound site management and maintenance that is adapted to an industry’s specific equipment and requirements. This maximizes efficiency while reducing operational risks and failures.


On-site periodic maintenance

To ensure proper operation of all your equipment and to limit breakdowns, MGC Group supports customers with a scheduled cleaning service. Doing so prevents and limits costly emergency service calls and operational down time. Whether it be conveyor cleaning, equipment de-icing/ice-breaking or assembly line maintenance, we have what it takes to keep you up and running.

    • Mobile de-icing
    • Cryogenic cleaning
    • Occasional pumping
    • Equipment degreasing

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Factory dusting

If you require complete cleaning and dusting of your factory or structures, we have the skills and resources necessary to get things spic and span – from a simple one-time cleaning to a complete site decontamination. We also specialize in dust recovery at elevated heights, in addition to large surface dusting. Finally, all our equipment uses state of the art HEPA filtration for dust capture.

  • Manual cleaning
  • Cryogenic cleaning
  • SScissor jack and platform service
  • HEPA vacuum truck

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Winter services

In winter, snow and ice can slow down, damage and even cause mechanical breakdowns. Fortunately, ice barriers can quickly be removed by our ever-ready de-icing and ice breaking crews. Our mobile intervention units employ high pressure water jets (steam) to dislodge ice buildup. This also has the advantage of further reducing ice accumulation.

    • Maritime service; ports and locks
    • Quarries, sand pits and mines
    • Scales and weights

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