Our specialists are certified and trained according to the strictest standards. From initial damage analysis to disposal of contaminated waste at treatment centres, our team will manage your decontamination project every step of the way.

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Lead-Based Paint

Lead paint when it flakes and/or is brittle can be a real health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it. To avoid potential health problems, it must be removed quickly.
We employ a variety of safe and approved techniques to remove it.

  • Mechanical stripping (with dust filtration and containment)
  • Wet blasting (with waste residue filtration)
  • Sandblasting (with dust filtration and containment)

It is important to ensure that work areas are protected and safely contained at all times. In addition, ensure that all paint residues and contaminants are properly disposed of in the proper locations (depending on the lead content).

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Underground or Ground Tanks

We offer tank dismantling and cleaning services. Whether it’s a simple cleanup, site refurbishment or even the disposal of the tank and liquid and solid materials, we will adapt our techniques and tools to suit the job.

  • Site dismantling, tear down and clean-up
  • Site refurbishment according to codes and regulations of the lot and surrounding area
  • Tank and contents disposal with wall pre-cleaning

Other Contaminants

  • Oil spill
  • Hazardous materials
  • Bitumen/tar
  • Surface coatings, such as; adhesives and binders, epoxy, membrane, etc.