Cleaning of new and existing masonry is essential to preserve the long-lasting integrity of facings over the years. What’s more, it enhances the superior quality of stonework.

The MGC Group advantage;
Over 15 years of expertise in envelope cleaning and protection;
Innovative techniques in cleaning and conservation;
Specialists for the drafting of estimates and technical reports;
A transparent approach that listens to the needs of the facades;
A superior result that respects the environment.

The MCG Group is more than a cleaning service: from start to finish, we will support you in the execution of your project. Through the use of several specialized cleaning techniques, we can achieve a superior result, all the while maintaining the integrity of the siding and respecting the environment in which the building is located.

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With 75 mobile units and a team of over 65 employees who are passionate about what they do, we make a difference!
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New Masonry

Masonry cleaning is a specialty at MGC. Over the years, we have worked very hard to develop work processes adapted to the different types of masonry, with the aim of cleaning them as well as possible without damaging their surface.

  • Our specialty: high-rise buildings and very large surfaces

Masonry Restoration

Teams that appreciate building heritage 

Quebec’s heritage abounds with monuments and masonry buildings that we have been proud to clean for many years. Our techniques do not damage the finish of the brick or stone (patina, baked-on layer) and comply with the most stringent environmental standards.

  • Historical buildings
  • Churches and monuments
  • Ancestral institutional buildings

Specialized Cleaning

There’s no stopping our cleaning experts: no matter the type of contaminants, we’ll have the right techniques to treat the masonry surface and dislodge the dirt.

  • Cleaning of salt and efflorescence deposits
  • Nebulization on stone surfaces with air pollution
  • Removal of bitumen and coating: caulk, glue, tar, etc. (by scraping or cold cleaning)
  • Hydro-detergent, use of specialized products to treat masonry surfaces according to their condition, composition and particularities
  • Use of poultices to remove contaminants in stones: rust, salt, etc.

Heritage Restoration

Le patrimoine du Québec regorge de monuments et de bâtiments en maçonnerie que nous sommes fiers de nettoyer depuis plusieurs années. Nos techniques n’endommagent pas le fini de la brique ou de la pierre (patine, couche cuite) et respectent les normes environnementales les plus pointues.

  • Éléments en maçonnerie de briques
  • Éléments en maçonnerie de pierre