Our mobile pumping service is a winning solution to quickly access a pipe, collect and vacuum harmful materials and move them safely off-site.

A fleet of state-of-the-art pumping units adapted to all industry needs.

Experts in waste disposal and transportation

Solutions to all your pumping and cleaning challenges, on time and to the highest standards!

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Service Pumping and Pipeline Flushing

Our combination trucks are equipped to clean, scrub, flush and vacuum waste material.

  • Tanks / retention basins
  • Manholes / aqueducts / sumps / valve boxes
  • Sumps
  • Sewer pipes
  • Pipe reaming

We are here for your projects

With 35 mobile units and a team of over 40 employees who are passionate about what they do, we make a difference!
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Hazardous Material Pumping

The MGC Group offers a comprehensive expertise to provide you with a laboratory analysis of contaminants and a waste management plan.

We are equipped to pump, treat and dispose of:

  • Acid
  • Chrome
  • Untreatable water
  • Paint sludge
  • Fluorine
  • All other types of contaminants

Dry Material Pumping

We employ units with high performance systems for dry work.

  • Flour, sugar, cement powder
  • Metal dust
  • Conveyor and crushing waste

Industrial Pumping

Our teams are trained and available to meet all factory needs and expectations. They can carry out chemical analysis of the materials to be treated and disposed of, as well as direct them to the right sorting centres upon completion.

  • Acid, caustic, and hazardous materials
  • Oil, bitumen “bunker” and other fuel
  • Treatment of discharge and residual materials