Improvement of buildings and surfaces

The specialized non-destructive excavation service makes it possible to safely and efficiently locate underground pipes and infrastructure and is an ideal alternative for confined spaces.


This excavation technique simultaneously injects water to loosen the soil and dig a hole or a trench by sucking the debris. Locating the underground infrastructure is therefore very quick and safe, with no risk of damages. The liquefied matter is pumped into the truck’s dumpster to be disposed of on-site or sent to a specialized sorting site.

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  • Cleaning of underground infrastructures; manholes/catch basins
  • On-site oil spill pumping
  • Cleaning and processing of underground oil tanks
  • Pipe de-icing and cleaning

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Vacuum excavation

This gentle excavation technique is ideal when the soil is soft and should not be moistened. With an injection of air, the soil is weakened and can then be removed by suction. In addition to being allowing a very local excavation, this technique is ideal in the presence of roots or very fragile elements such as fibre optics, etc.
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