Driven by boundless passion, Groupe MGC has become a benchmark in surface preparation and cleaning in Quebec. Constantly evolving, the company, which has carved out a place for itself in the construction and environmental industries, stands out for its innovative techniques and dedication to customer satisfaction.

A Tale of Passion

Discover the story of MGC’s founder and president Carl Henri in an episode of "Histoire de succès" airing on CNV. "Histoire de succès" is a show featuring interviews and discussions on success in all its forms.

MGC through the years

It all began during the student strike in 2012. Carl Henri was studying civil engineering at CEGEP, while at the same time working for a company specializing in building demolition and decontamination. He and a friend then decided to start a residential and commercial pressure washing business. MGC was born under the name of MGC Nettoyage haute pression.
From 2014 onwards, the company underwent many changes: it obtained its RBQ license and shifted its focus from the residential sector to construction, heavy industry and civil engineering. MGC took on several major projects, including the Sun Life Building (2017) and the Olympic Stadium (2018).
MGC moved to a larger building in Laval and continued to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. Carl and his team continued to develop and refine techniques, including the use of abrasive blasting to clean buildings, prepare various types of surfaces and upgrade elements.
MGC introduced an environmental clean-up service to deal with emergencies, such as highway spills, and established partnerships with specialized waste management centers across Quebec.
MGC expanded its service offering with the acquisiton of Soleno Service, a South Shore company offering pumping and hydro-excavation services for the construction industry, as well as a concrete hydrodemolition company in the Saguenay.
The MGC team now includes over 55 personnel, making it possible to carry out large-scale projects throughout Quebec. The organization has very specific objectives in mind, including expanding the MGC Group to take it to the next level to become a mobile service leader.

An Inspiring Journey

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