Confined space intervention

Confined space


Work safely

We possess the qualifications, training and specialized equipment to perform work efficiently in confined or restricted spaces.


Tank refurbishment

When it comes to removing coating and residue from storage tank surfaces, our crews are up to the task. We use advanced cryogenic cleaning techniques, high-pressure water jet and even abrasion when required. Once spotless, the tank walls are thoroughly rinsed and the waste collected, vacuumed and safely disposed.

    • Cryogenic cleaning
    • High-pressure water cleaning
    • Abrasive blast cleaning

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Cleaning and removal of coating

Whether it’s a tank in a factory or the tank of a tanker truck, our pros will arrive with what it takes to dislodge the glues, urethane coatings and resins stuck to the inside surfaces. Once clean, the tank can then be re-treated and used again!

  • Complete cleaning
  • Wet pumping
  • Disposal

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Winch service and site security

MGC Group even offers a winch service and will install additional duct ventilation in your workplace. And since safety is always on our minds, we secure the work area according to the specific protocols in effect.

    • Tripod winch
    • Portable fans
    • Air filtration
    • Dry and wet suction

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